The festival presents worldwide known and aspiring young artists from the Pan African dance scene, as well as bi-continental co-productions. Realized with numerous local and international partners, and framed by a broad supporting program, it offers a unique kaleidoscope of dance styles and subject matter, and intensifies transcultural dialogues. It aims to promote the productivity of transcultural artistic friction, seeks to irritate stereotypes and addresses and discusses existing post-colonial disruptions and tensions in relations to each other.

AFRICTIONS involves choreographers, dance companies, producers and institutions of two continents and many countries in various cooperations. As a touring festival, it opens diverse fields of reflection by presenting dance from several African cultures in networking German cities.

The dance pieces are framed by a broad supporting program of public talks, panel discussions, film showings, literature presentations, lectures, concerts and arts exhibitions. The festival initiates African-German dance art collaborations and visions, it instigates changes of viewing points, it strengthens the bi-continental decolonization process, both in reflections and with activities.

“Pioneering in bringing art forms from Africa” AFRICTIONS received the european EFFE Label 2017/2018 and was nominated as the only german festival as one of 26 festivals for the EFFE Award.


++++ SAVE THE DATE: Momentum Zero, Helge Letonja / of curious nature, Premiere: October 16th 2020 ++++

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