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Augusto Jaramillo Pineda

One snaps in the hallway with everyone, the other disappears without a word behind her door. Some celebrate together and some call the police as soon as it gets loud: As diverse as the people are, their neighbourly ways of being together For their new stage play, the young artists have swarmed out to several districts of the city and exchanged ideas with residents. On stage, they transform the impulses from these encounters into a dance theatre collage that is as humorously cheeky as it is level-headed. Who wants something from the people next door? Why? How important is individualelles, what role does community play? Answers from the most diverse life plans, culture and generations, the ensemble, which is made up of young people from Syria, Egypt, Iran and a mother-daughter duo from Germany, interweaves them into expressive tableaux Whether arguments over rubbish, crashing parties, suspicious eyeing, unrestrained zeal for assembly, frustrated hiding, tender flirtations or lonely simultaneous cooking wall to wall in the evening – the round dance unfolds in saucy scenes and fast-paced choreographies to music by Jacques Offenbach, Scott Joplin and Clueso. Eloquent and moving images tell of needs for closeness, exclusions, curiosity, fears of conflict and lust for life, explore parallel isolations and vital solidarities. SONGS FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD reflects the social sound of the big city in the echoes and dissonances of private microcosms. Six actors succeed in creating a polyphonic invitation to listen and look, an appeal of art to everyday life.

Choreography: Augusto Jaramillo Pineda I Choreographic collaboration: Kossi Sebastien Aholou-Wokawui I Dance: Mariama Jobe, Azad Kour, John Nessim, Josephine Pavlak, Marie-Luise Pavlak, Ali Zarabi I Costume: Rike Schimitschek I ÖA-Text: Maja Maria Liebau I Technical management/Light design: Timo Reichenberger I Photos: Marianne Menke I Supported by: start JUGEND KUNST STIFTUNG BREMEN

Performance Dates


Fri 23 November 2018, 8.00 pm
Sa 24 November 2018
8.00 pm
Tue 27 November 2018
, 8.00 pm
Schwankhalle Bremen

School performances
Mon 26 November 2018
, 11.00 am
Wed 28 November 2018
, 11.00 am
Schwankhalle Bremen