Augusto Jaramillo Pineda

The pilot project MISSING goes beyond a normal dance theatre production. Under the direction of Helge Letonja and Marion Amschwand, the steptext dance company continues its work with children and young people in a new form. The lynchpin of MISSING is the young artists themselves – their ideas and talents, their experiences and perspectives. MISSING describes states of in-between and change, also in the transition from youth to adulthood. MISSING means: being or being left, being torn out or excluded. But MISSING also speaks of freedom, the unknown and the possibilities that release fantasy and daring. Situations in which the perception of the world and of oneself changes. Experiences of loneliness and fear, but also the difficult handling of boundaries (looseness) and everyday structures, change the perception of the world and the self. What happens when you realise that it is less and less about you, but more and more about products, role models, expectations. How do you communicate when you have lost something of yourself or yourself.

Concept: Helge Letonja I Choreography: Helge Letonja, Marion Amschwand I Dance: Marion Amschwand, Jeanna Androsow, Magdalena Druzda, Lisa Fuchs, Hannes Kropp, Helge Letonja, Paula Weiterer, Mirjam Wagner, Robert van den Dolder I Workshop teachers: Marion Amschwand, Augusto Jaramillo Pineda, Helge Letonja and Gabriela Maria Schmeide I Stage design: Andrea Kanapee I Photos: Manja Herrmann I Production: steptext dance project I Co-production with: The Internationale Kampnagelfabrik Hamburg and the international youth theatre festival “explosive!” at the kulturzentrum Schlachthof Bremen.

Performance Dates


Wed 12 November 2003, 8.00 pm
Tue 18 November 2003, 8.00 pm
Sat 29 November 2003, 8.00 pm
Sun 30 November 2003, 8.00 pm
Schwankhalle Bremen

Thu 11 December 2003, 8.00 pm
Fri 12 December 2003
, 8.00 pm
Sat 13 December 2003
, 8.00 pm
Kampnagel Hamburg