Augusto Jaramillo Pineda

Why does growing up hurt? Can a young spirit live in an old head? In the dance theatre play LUNA, 14 young artists ask about the social, emotional and physical meaning of aging. They fearlessly measure the drop-offs between different ideals, desires and realities.

With a lot of dance and pointed scenic art, childhood happiness meets unexpected alienation; sensual awakening meets the striving for wrinkle-free food, gnawing self-doubt meets the idyll of grandparents as they grow older. Like the moon, with its cyclical four phases symbolising production, age(s) is always present – but our perspective is always different. LUNA looks at our constant change with the sparkling energy of lively moments.

Concept, artistic & choreographic direction: Augusto Jaramillo Pineda I Choreographic / dramaturgical collaboration: Ziv Frenkel I Dance / performers: Katja Baklan, Magdalena Druzda, Julia Engelmann, Marie Früchtenicht, Cora Gätjen, Isabell Iniesta Gomez, Amir Irandust, Arwid Knippenberg, Jennifer Lewis, Katharina Marx, Nils Rovira-Muñoz, Josephine Pavlak, Hakan Sonakalan, Anna Schultze I Training / Teachers: Joël Detiège, Amaya Lubeigt I Light: Jan Wiemann I Production assistance: Lemya Demirkapi, Maren Gebhardt I Production: steptext dance project

Performance Dates


Tue 01 December 2009, 8.00 pm
Wed 02 December 20098.00 pm
Thu 03 December 20098.00 pm
Sun 06 December 2009
8.00 pm
Mon 07 December 2009
8.00 pm
Tue 08 December 2009
8.00 pm
Schwankhalle Bremen