Augusto Jaramillo Pineda & Anne Minetti

Borders are everywhere. In cultures and politics, in everyday life and in the mind. They prevent many things and make many things possible. But: borders within and between people are flexible. In ATAI, the new transnational dance theatre piece by the young artists, 14 young people from Paris and Bremen explore motives and processes of social exclusion and segregation. They fearlessly dissect destructive mechanisms, test transgressions, question reflexes of exclusion and seek to overcome them. The stage space, a hidden urban place beyond the social outside world, becomes a refuge for the most diverse characters. This is where experiences, prejudices and curiosity, approaches, aggressions, individual and collective setting of boundaries meet as pure energy on each other. Dance and direct physical expression are the only common language. Colombian hip-hop, string sounds, Pink Floyd or electro-tango drive the group into changing moods. Conflicts collide. Outlaws are humiliated, the mob triumphs until the next mob forms. Those inside believe themselves strong, those outside despair or fight, while a punching bag descends further and further into the action. In the mythology of the Nigerian Efik, Atai is a goddess who allows a woman and a man to live on earth. When the two of them break the rules imposed by the creator gods there, the almighty decrees chaos over humanity – and it has had to negotiate its own boundaries ever since. With their play ATAI, the young people from France and Germany put a lively exclamation mark behind this task. Who, if not us?! Where, if not here?! When, if not now?!

Artistic direction: Augusto Jaramillo Pineda I Artistic co-direction Paris, choreographic collaboration: Anne Minetti I Dance / performance young artists: Lena Brokinkel, Cora Gaetjen, Joris Grünhagen, Leonie Iniesta-Gomez, Zami Inoussa, Inez Klimczak, Hakan Sonakalan and Students of the Lycée Professionnel Régional Abbé Grégoire Paris: Robinson Cassarino, Selma Deroche, Manuela Dreux, Felix Foures, Meggie Isabet, Alexandre Locatelli, Laurianne Milliet I Translator: Jana Giebel I Lecturer: Anna Bernhardt, Joël Detiège, Doris Geist, Tim Gerhards, Amaya Lubeigt I Costumes: Aurelia Maria Foti I Technical management / Light: Christoph Härtel I Production assistant: Lea Winkeler I Production: steptext dance project I Co-production: A180° (Paris)

Performance Dates


Thu 24 October 2013, 8.00 p.m.
Sat 26 October 2013, 8.00 p.m.
Sun 27 October 2013, 8.00 p.m.
Schwankhalle Bremen