Augusto Jaramillo Pineda

The children and young people of our dance theatre project SOLEDAD enter the big stage in digital space!
After 4 months of intensive training under the artistic direction of Augusto Jaramillo-Pineda(steptext dance / young artists) and Ute Mai(Tanzhafen Vegesack), they present the results of their work to family and friends in an online show – specially written texts, solos and group choreographies merge into an exciting insight into the theme of “loneliness”. In the process, the participants creatively deal with the possibilities offered by the digital space and explore new ways of dance-artistic collaboration.

Since October, the group of dance-loving young people have been tracing the concept of “loneliness” – already conceived before the Lockdown, the project theme gained particular force in the wake of the Corona pandemic. During the autumn holidays, the participants were first able to meet each other in person in an intensive workshop: In joint training sessions, they tried out different dance styles – from ballet to hip hop to modern dance -, immersed themselves in different roles and characters, researched, discussed and improvised. Since November, the group then met in the digital space and developed new creative ideas!

Artistic direction: Augusto Jaramillo Pineda, Ute Mai I Production assistance / Pedagogical assistance: Leonie Greta Hardt I Photo: Marianne Menke I Video: Médoune Seck


Sun 07.02.21, 4.00 pm
Online Showing