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The realities of life in Winsen and the dance art of steptext inspire each other, create encounters, new connections and initiate changes in perspective.
The TANZLAND fund promotes sustainable guest performance cooperations between the INTHEGA theatres (houses without a permanent ensemble) and permanent and independent dance ensembles. The support is designed to last several years and includes several guest performances and intensive mediation work on site, networking with local partners.

The guest performances of steptext in Winsen (Luhe) bring contemporary professional dance pieces into the programme of the cultural association and the Winsen community for the first time. steptext also participates in various forms in the activities of the city, such as the Winsen city festival. 

Long-term sustainable cooperations are developed with dance schools and schools. Audiences and cultural actors are won over to continue to invest in dance art after the funding has expired.
“For the ensembles, funding through TANZLAND aims to build up a new, long-term audience at a partner location and greater visibility in the area. The stages in smaller cities are given the opportunity to offer contemporary dance on a regular basis and to familiarise their visitors with dance through increased audience work and mediation offers. In this way, TANZLAND makes an active contribution to sustainable cultural and educational work beyond the metropolises” www.tanzland.org

Performance Dates


Tu 05 June 2018
Out of Joint
Choreography: Helge Letonja, Gregory Maqoma

Thu 12 September 2019

Gegenpole und Zwischenwelten
Choreography: Helge Letonja, Gerhard Bohner

Thu 11 June 2020
Tanzland Winsen
Dance piece by Helge Letonja