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Helge Letonja

In his latest ensemble production TURBULENCE, Helge Letonja explores parallels between the physics scientific phenomenon with the mechanisms of human upheavals. Created in exchange with bionics experts from the Hochschule  Bremen, the choreography combines bursts of movement and detailed views on the whirls of opposing currents and social imbalances.
Concept I Choreography: Helge Letonja I Scientific accompaniment: Prof. Dr. Albert Baars, B-I-C HSB, und Studierende I Dramaturgy: Anke Euler
Dance: Kossi Sebastien Aholou-Wokawui, Leila Bakhtali, Oh Chang Ik, Mariko Koh, Vincenzo Minervini, Sophie Flannery Prune Vergères,  Sergey Zhukov
Music/Composition: Simon Goff I Costume: Rike Schimitschek I Light design / Technical management: Timo Reichenberger
Production assistance: Florentine Emigholz, Médoune Seck I ÖA-Text: Maja Maria Liebau
Dates 2020


Thu 11 June 2020
Stadthalle Winsen

Sa 13 + Sun 14 June 2020
Schwankhalle Bremen