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VOID – aus dem nichts

Helge Letonja

Rien ne va plus. Where do we go? How? With whom? Where there is nothing, there can be anything. Into this vacuum, “void” introduces fantasies of physical encounters with the nothingness. With their bodies and voices, one female and four male dancers sketch outlines into the white of the open moment. Between inflation and deflation tragedy meets comedy, pausing turns into hyperactivity, choreographic constellations arise and vanish.

Together with the vocal artist Christian Wolz and the drama advisor Marion Amschwand, the choreographer Helge Letonja creates a sensory world of dance and azione musicale in the composition of which Wolz exclusively utilizes the human voice. Breath and vibrations become sound, moods turn into movements – creating links to the strange liberty of absolute presence.

Concept, choreography, stage: Helge Letonja I Vocal art / Composition: Christian Wolz I Dance and vocals: Robert Bell, Armin Biermann, Alessio Castellacci, Catherine Jodoin, Morgan Nardi I Dramaturgy: Marion Amschwand I Choreographic Consultan: Tony Chong I Costumes: Rupert Franzen I Light design: Uwe Renken I Production Assistant: Camilla Kloß I Funded by: den Fonds Darstellende Künste, die Karin und Uwe Hollweg Stiftung und den Senator für Kultur Bremen. I Production: steptext dance project I In Co-produktion with: Artblau Tanzwerkstatt (Braunschweig) und Scenario Pubblico (Catania/Italien), unterstützt durch eine Residenz des Goethe-Instituts Montreal im Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique (Montreal/Kanada) und durch Agora de la danse (Montreal/Kanada).
Performance Dates


April 16/17, 2010
Eisfabrik Hannover

March 26/27, 2010
Schwankhalle, Bremen

Sun September 20, 2009
Festival „Theater Outlet“, Braunschweig

August 27 / 29 / 30, 2009 and September 4 til 6, 2009
Schwankhalle, Bremen