Helge Letonja

For hundreds and thousands of years, beauty has been worshipped and under scrutiny, picked to pieces. We bow down to beauty. We slap beauty in the face.

Of course, everything has already been said and it has been reproduced tirelessly in pictures. Beauty has become the ultimate sales pitch and it is so visible that we often like to overlook it.  However, we haven’t lost sight of beauty!

Suddenly it can silently appear like a light, in a corner, between two people or in a distant glance.

Choreography & Stage Design: Helge Letonja I Dance: Anna Bussey, Virginia Gimeno Folgado, Günther Grollitsch, Jordi Vilaseca Lorite, Vanessa Pérez Tejedor I Composition: Jörg Ritzenhoff I Dramaturgy: Natalie Cropp I Costume: Julia Bührle-Nowikowa (Entwurf) Barbara Teveßen (Schneiderin) I Light Design: Frauke Richter I Production Assistant: Stefanie Wiedenmann I Production: steptext dance project
Performance Dates


September 21/ 22, 2007
September 27/28/29 2007
Schwankhalle, Bremen