Helge Letonja & Konan Dayot

The solo “Porzellan” points out sequences of advancing transformations. What effect do objects, situations, impulses have on us – and how do they transform our self-understanding? Every step creates new realities: identity becomes a fragile structure, that is shattered repeatedly by the dancer – with the aim to build new schemes out of the broken fragments that lead him to new confrontations with his surrounding… “Porzellan” illustrates the permanent metamorphosis of the “self” as a danced poetry, full of pointed profoundness and soft melancholy.
Concept and Choreography: Helge Letonja in cooperation with Konan Dayot I Dance: Konan Dayot I Light design: Uwe Renken I Production: steptext dance project I Supported by: Institut français du Brême
Performance Dates

Sun 18 March 2012
Festival TANZ Bremen 2012, Bremen

Thu 29 September (Premiere) til 1 October 2011
Schwankhalle, Bremen