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On the shoulders of giants

Helge Letonja

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” (Isaac Newton)

Based on the cultural-historical parable of dwarves on the shoulders of giants, Helge Letonja and the Ensemble of curious nature deal with the further development of societies in the first production. How aware are we of the connecting lines between the present and the past, between contemporary cultural creation and the experiences and traditions on which they are based? Do they restrict our thinking and acting? With what attitude do we approach what surrounds us? Which traces and values do we follow, which do we leave behind? Together the ensemble focuses on personal perceptions, environment and society. To compositions by Simon Goff and songs by Lynn Wright, the dancers* animate the stage in multidimensional visual and body languages. With physical vehemence and mutability an artistic reference space is created about the constitution of complex worlds.

Concept and Choreography: Helge Letonja | Composition/Song: Simon Goff, Lynn Wright | Voice: Lynn Wright, Jessica Einaudi | Choreographic assistance: Paul Pui Wo Lee | Dance: Kossi Sebastien Aholou-Wokawui, Leila Bakhtali, Oh Changik, Zander Constant, Sara Enrich Bertran, Albert Galindo, Jure Gostinčar, Einav Kringel, Anila Mazhari, Aron Nowak | Costume: Min Li | Costume manufacture: Hüte & Kostüme, Hamburg | Stage Design: Helge Letonja | Light Design: Norman Plathe-Narr | Video Design: Médoune Seck | Video: Chriss Bieger, Sebastian Kemper | Mask/Make-up: Carolin Ghodoussi, Dagmar Klabunde, Anette Wahl | Outside Eye: Anke Euler, Augusto Jaramillo Pineda | Production management: Florentine Emigholz | Photos: Marianne Menke, Jörg Landsberg | Stage Manager: Michael Steiner | Production: steptext dance project, Landerer&Company | Co-produktion: Theater Bremen

Performance Dates 2020

Thu 27 February (Premiere), 8.00 pm
Thu 05 March, 8.00 pm (Introduction: 7.30 pm)
Sun 08 March, 6.30 pm
Mon 09 March, 10.00 am

Sun 21 June, 6.30 pm
Sa 27 June, 8.00 pm
Tue 01 July, 8.00 pm
Theater Bremen

Tue 16 June
Thu 18 June
Schauspiel Hannover