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The company takes the audience into a fascinating world in which dance and technology become an exciting unity. Together with the CyberRäubern, experts in the synthesis of virtual reality and theatre, Helge Letonja and the dancers of OCN lift movement into a technology-based parallel universe Real performance becomes digital dance. Bodies of muscles and bones transform into avatars of bits and bytes that animate the virtual space in manifold movement.

The audience becomes part of the experience, can participate and become creative themselves: With the help of VR glasses, the audience enters a virtual dance space and meets the avatars of the Of Curious Nature dancers. In the VR world, the three In the VR world

the three-dimensionality of the space and the body can be explored and creative elements can be designed using one’s own movement. Each visitor thus creates their own experience. The boundaries between viewer and dancing avatar are shifted with casual ease.

Idea: Helge Letonja | Concept: Anke Euler, Marcel Karnapke & Björn Lengers (CyberRäuber), Helge Letonja | Choreography: Helge Letonja with Dancers from Of Curious Nature | Dance: Kossi Sebastien Aholou-Wokawui, Leila Bakhtali, Oh Changik, Maria Adriana Dornio, Albert Galindo, Jure Gostinčar, Einav Kringel, Noémie Larcheveque, Daniel Moret | Training management: Paul Pui Wo Lee | Composition: Florian Tippe | Music: 24 Préludes op. 28 von Frédéric Chopin |Films/Kamera: Médoune Seck | Production: TanzRAUM Nord gUG in Kooperation mit steptext dance project | Thanks to: TZI der Uni Bremen


TH 17. til SUN 20. February 2022

Schwankhalle Bremen