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We are all in this together

Dance performance with live music

Whether in virtual or real space – as soon as several people gather, they join together to form a collective, a body. This body acts according to its own rules. The actions of individuals influence the behaviour and being of all. This is how strong forces can develop, as can be observed in different contexts: from uprisings like the Arab Spring to social movements like Occupy Wall Street to contemporary information technologies like Facebook, Wikipedia and numerous open source approaches or in ideas of social entrepreneurship and barter economies. The dancer I-Fen Lin from Lucerne, Switzerland and the dancer Ming Poon from Berlin, Germany, feel the power of such a body on the edge of their seats.

With “We are all in this togther” they create a space in which all those present directly feel the consequences of their participation or omission. In this performance, the spectators become participants and collaborators who have a direct influence on what happens on stage. They are the largest component of the collective body from and with which the evening is created. Will this collective body unify? Or will it disintegrate into individual particles?
We are all in this together – will we make it or will we break it?

Dance: I-Fen Lin (Switzerland) and Ming Poon (Germany)

Performance Dates


23 October bis zum 4 November 2016
guest at steptext and work on their current production