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Helge Letonja

What we call memory are closed spaces that lead us not only into the past, but also to the beginning, the beginning of all things.

The world seems to be fragmented into its elements, challenging senses and intuition. Seeking protection and orientation, six people grope their way forward on unsafe terrain, stumble and slide, finding moments of balance and support together. Their will to change breaks new ground while bizarre beings cross their paths.
In Rena Donsbach’s set design with the detailed costume designs of the Hungarian Csenge Vass, a cosmos of its own is created to the haunting sound of Simon Goff, in which the Ensemble Of Curious Nature misses the coordinates of Zero as a turning point and a new beginning. In this way Helge Letonja once again creates a filigree, choreographic symbol of our inner and fellow world.

Concept, Choreography: Helge Letonja I Choreographic assistance: Paul Pui Wo Lee I Dance: Kossi Sebastien Aholou-Wokawui, Oh Changik, Cristina Commisso, Albert Galindo, Jure Gostinčar, Einav Kringel Composition: Simon Goff I Song voice and lyrics: Tara Nome Doyle I Music: Morgen! Richard Strauss/John Henry Mackay, op. 27 no. 4 I Costume: Csenge Vass I Stage: Rena Donsbach, Helge Letonja I Light: Laurent Schneegans I Videodesign: Médoune Seck, Csenge Vass I Dramaturgy: Anke Euler I Production management: Sarah-Lea Langner I Photo: Marianne Menke I Production: steptext dance project, Landerer&Company I Co-production: Theater Bremen
Performance Dates


Thu 15 October (Preview), 8.00 pm
Fri 16 October (Premiere), 8.00 pm
Sat 17 October, 8.00 pm
Sun 18 October, 6.30 pm

Thu 17 December, 8.00 pm
Fri 18 December, 8.00 pm
Sat 19 December, 8.00 pm
Theater Bremen