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Helge Letonja

„Ours is an age between worldviews, creative yet disoriented, a transitional era when the old cultural vision no longer holds and the new has not yet constellated. Yet we are not without signs of what the new might look like.“ Richard Tarnas

Current observations on restlessness, the pressure of acceleration and the loss of people’s ability to resonate are at the starting point of the dance piece that Helge Letonja is creating with the ensemble. THE RESONANCE begins with a lament in all its beauty, the emotional content of which is echoed in the space and reverberates in the dancers’ movements. Frequencies from the depths of human existence line up in cascades of movement and spread like seismic waves, are reflected back, carried on with each other in duets, flare up in solos and combine in the group to form vibrating choreographies. The stage space designed by Britta Bremer becomes a point of reference, trigger and amplifier with a central object. Accompanied by the contemplative composition “Voices” by Max Richter, the latter’s polyphonic declaration of human rights opens up a universal reference space.

Concept and choreography: Helge Letonja | Training management: Keith Chin, Paul Pui Wo Lee | Dance: Kossi Sebastien Aholou-Wokawui, Leila Bakhtali, Felix Bossard, Oh Changik, Maria Adriana Dornio, Einav Kringel, Aron Nowak , Aurélie Robichon, Luigi Sardone, Jin Young Won | Dramaturgy: Anke Euler | Stage: Britta Bremer | Costume: Rike Schimitschek | Sounddesign: Florian Tippe

Production: steptext dance project, Landerer&Company | Coproduction: Theater Bremen

DATES 2021

FR 01 October (UA), 8:00 pm
SA 02 October, 8:00 pm
SUN 17 October, 6:30 pm
DO 09 December, 8:00 pm / Cancel
MO 20 December, 8:00 pm

Theater Bremen