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Helge Letonja

Born 1970 in Leoben, Austria, Letonja studied classical dance in Graz and Amsterdam as well as modern dance under Alvin Ailey and Erick Hawkins in New York. He performed in a wide range of styles: from ballet at Oper Graz to Jan Fabre, Montréal Danse to the Tanztheater in Bremen under Susanne Linke among others. At Tanztheater Bremen, Helge began to create his own pieces in 1995. The following year, he founded and still is the artistic director of steptext dance project. In 2003, steptext dance project became company-inresidency at the Schwankhalle, which he co-designed, as a production facility and center of contemporary dance art.
In addition to his 50 or so dance pieces to date, which have often been realized in interdisciplinary and transcultural collaboration and presented worldwide, he choreographs for opera productions, including productions at the Salzburg Festival, Zurich Opera House, Berlin State Opera, New National Opera Tokyo and Semperoper Dresden.
In his impressively sensual aesthetics, Letonja creates vital frictional surfaces and vibrating mirror images of social conditions and processes. His works reflect the inner-societal and cross-cultural coexistence, combining emotional

and mental movements of individual and social bodies with metaphorical contexts. His trilogy DisPLACING Future, for example, looks at global migration flows, and the European-African co-produced and cast pieces Homescapes (2012), Boxom (2014) and Out of joint(2017) negotiate transcultural designs.
As festival director and experienced project initiator, as well as board member of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland, Letonja is involved in diverse institutional and artistic cooperations for the regional and international development, networking and mediation of dance art. He was head of the “independent companies” section of the Norddeutsche Tanztreffen – Tanzplan Bremen, and was one of the main initiators of the projects KoresponDance Europe, zuhause.anderswo and Sehnsucht Europa, which involve several countries and municipal partners, as well as the festival AFRICTIONS. Nominated for the BKM Prize for Cultural Education 2013 and the George Tabori Prize 2014 and awarded the Bremen Diversity Prize 2016, Letonja develops dance as a mediator of cultural diversity, social participation, interdisciplinary art and research. He is always looking for new, interdisciplinary fields and cooperates, among others, with the scientific fields of the Hochschule Bremen.



“Mit jedem Stück suche ich eine

          eigene Tanzsprache für ein

Motiv aus dem Fragenstorm

             unserer Gesellschaft…”