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Anke Euler

Anke Euler has been a permanent member of the steptext dance project team since 2012. As dance dramaturg, she supervises the productions of Helge Letonja and to some extent, also those of guest choreographers*. She embeds the performances in supporting programs that offer practical and theoretical spaces for reflection, conceives event series, establishes collaborations and curates festivals in collaboration with Helge Letonja and cooperation partners, such as Baila Espana for contemporary dance from Spain and AFRICTIONS for contemporary dance between Africa and Europe.
One focus is on the development of interdisciplinary formats with artists from other disciplines, scientists, experts or activists from different social fields in order to explore the context of the pieces or festivals on as many levels as possible. Another core element of her work is the communication of dance to a wide variety of groups and

audiences, whether newcomers to dance, students, professionals or theater makers – the aim is always to build bridges to contemporary dance, which she sees as “the motor of experiencing the world as a common reality that we all share”. She sees dance as an important counterbalance to exclusionary, intolerant, stranger to physical contact bodily hostile and misanthropic attitudes and phenomena. Anke Euler studied dramaturgy, French philology and philosophy at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and the Bavarian Theater Academy August Everding. Before joining steptext, she worked as a dramaturg for Micha Purucker, TravelLight Munich, co>labs tanz/ theater/ productions Nuremberg, Francisco Sanchez-Martinez/ Theater Lüneburg, and the Munich festival RODEO and 2019, as well as 2020 in 1:1 format for the Performing Art Festival Berlin. In addition to her work for steptext, she is currently a jury member for project funding in the field of dance for the City of Munich.