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steptext dance project is a production and presentation platform for contemporary dance seated in the Schwankhalle, a cross-genre venue in Bremen. A continuum of changes and synergies. The artistic adventure of productions is always at the fore. steptext’s choreographers collaborate with alternating dancers and artists of other disciplines. The team on location operates as an open system in varied interactions. With an awareness of the local dance scene and a worldwide radius.

For more than 15 years, the network of lively connections to cooperating partners has been expanding. And with it, the diversity of contexts for creative processes, presentations and aesthetic discourses. Each year, several premieres are produced that are often presented internationally. Inspired by the exchange between actors, arts and cultures, steptext’s dance pieces gauge the spaces between everyday life and visions.


Artistic Director
Helge Letonja

Accounting & Finances
Gert Kramer

Artistic Director
young artists
Augusto Jaramillo Pineda

Anke Euler

Project management
& Project management
Kerstin Witges

Digital, Computer scientist
& Video Maker
Médoune Seck

Production management
Anne Storm