• February 2 (Première) / 3 / 14 / 15, 2018
    Fabian Aimar / Günther Grollitsch
    Schwankhalle Bremen
  • March 22, 2018
    Dans la peau de l'autre
    Kossi Aholou-Wokawui & Tom Bünger
    Schwankhalle Bremen


New for dance theatre enthusiasts over 20, with and without previous experience: In February, Augusto Jaramillo Pineda, head of the young artists, offers a training every Wednesday at 8 p.m. on steptext's rehearsal stage in the Schwankhalle. Feel free to join in! Info & registration: office@steptext.de




Matching to the piece and available from September on is the publication „UNTER DIE HAUT UND ZWISCHEN RÄUME – Sichtachsen und Bewegungslinien zwischen Gerhard Bohner und Helge Letonja“, selected to the shortlist „Schönste deutsche Bücher 2017“ by Stiftung Buchkunst.

++++ DER EINTÄNZER by Fabian Aimar & Günther Grollitsch: february 2, 2018, Schwankhalle Bremen +++

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